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Pathway Programs

Upgrade Your Career To The Thriving Technology Sales Industry. No Previous Experience Required.

Demand for technology sales professionals far outweighs the availability of talent. Without modern education programs to train sales professionals, it remains one of the better-kept secrets in the job market when considering earning potential and career development. With the TechSalesLab Pathway programs, you'll learn the skills necessary to join the thriving tech sales industry. A majority of our students have zero, to very little, experience or even understanding of the industry prior to the training program.
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Pathway Programs

Master Programs

Already in Tech Sales? Up your game with TechSalesLab's Master Programs.

One of the biggest differentiators of TechSalesLab is the outstanding coaches. We have hand-curated the best individual courses and made them available for individual enrollment. If you are looking for company-wide access - please reach out to
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TechSalesLab Programs

Upgrade Your Career To The Thriving Technology Sales Industry.

  • LEARN: World-class curriculum taught by top former sales talent from multiple Fortune 50 technology companies

  • LAUNCH: Resume, Interview Prep Services, and Projects that will set you apart from the job competition

  • LEAD: Ongoing masters programs as you enter the job market to help you execute as a leader. From week 1 to 500, be the Number 1 Account Executive on your team with TSL tools and ongoing master training

Where do TechSalesLab graduates work?

Search any job site - 100's of jobs in sales at technology companies across the globe will show up. At this moment, LinkedIn has over 9,000 tech sales jobs posted.  Software, hardware and technology services sales jobs cannot be filled fast enough. Companies settle for underqualified, poor performing sales talent - simply because they cannot leave the jobs unfilled. With a TSL certification - beat the competition. 

Amazon Robert Half MSFT Lenovo
Dropbox Google Cisco IBM
Intel Oracle Workday SAP
CSC SFDC Sugar CRM Paychex

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